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Reynolds, Miss Barrett

To contact Miss Reynolds, please email [email protected]

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Salve! Welcome to the homepage for Miss Reynolds. On this page you will find information about upcoming topics for each Latin course of the semester. Specific information regarding assignments can be found on each course's individual Schoology page. Please contact Miss Reynolds for parental access.

Roman Mythology, Round 1
  • Introduction to Mythology
  • Description of Gods and Goddesses
  • Reading and Interpretation of Myths: Midas and the Golden Touch, The Creation of Man, Apollo and Daphne, Mercury's Trickery
  • Myth Assignment #1: Summarize and Interpret Myths (solo assignment)
  • Myth Assignment #2: Production of Myths (group assignment)

Noun/Adjective Agreement

  • Review Use of Cases, Noun Functions
  • Rules of Agreement with Adjectives
  • Vocabulary

Future Tense of Verbs

  • Review Regular vs. Irregular Verbs
  • Review Present and Imperfect Tenses
  • Formation and Meaning of Future Tense Verbs



Active vs. Passive Voice of Verbs
  • Distinguishing Between Verb Voices
  • Recognizing Patterns in Verb Formations
  • Passive Voice Verb Forms
  • Expanding the Verbs Synopsis
Noun/Adjective Agreement
  • Continued Review of Adjective Forms


  • Understanding Rhythm and Patterns in Poetry
  • Dactylic Hexameter

Vergil's Aeneid

  • About the Author
  • Content and Themes of the Poem
  • Excerpts: Books I, II, IV, and IV (The Love Story of Dido and Aeneas)

Poetry Assignment

  • Recitation of Introduction (lines 1-11)

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