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Hersey, Mrs. Amanda

Willkommen zur Deutschklasse
Welcome to German class
Guten Tag! Welcome to high school German. Students will have class every day for approximately eighty minutes. Students will be able to sign up for Flex days to receive extra help, work on homework assignments, retake quizzes, etc.
I encourage students and also parents to contact me with any questions that they may have about the German course. Students will learn a great deal, while having fun and learning through different types of activities.

​Contact Information:
        E-mail: [email protected]
        Phone: (717) 846-6789  x1376

A General Overview

German One

Throughout the semester, students are learning the numbers, alphabet, and other vocabulary. Much of this is done through movements and stories. Listening to and reading stories is a large part of German class. Trough these mediums students will begin to understand spoken and written German and also will be able to produce increasingly larger amounts of the German language.

The best way to support your student at home to to have him/her practice speaking. Have your student teach you what they are learning in class. When we teach others, we gain a better understanding of the information.

Students will have Moodle assignments to complete as well as voicemail assignments. There will be paper assignments given, however this will be infrequent. 

The best place to see what work needs to be completed is to look on Moodle and see what activities do not have a grade.

German Two

German Two will not be taught by Mrs. Hersey during the 2014/15 school year.

German Two students learn one of the forms of the past tense and work with it heavily. For much of the semester the stories that are read and acted out as a class will be done in the past tense. This is to help students master the past perfect form of German verbs. Along with the vocabulary and past tense, students are learning many other grammatical structures that cover a variety of topics. 

Cultural information will also be covered throughout the semester. There is a period of silent reading in German, which is completed at the beginning of each period.

As in German One, most of the homework will be in Moodle. There will also be some voice mail assignments given as homework. Once in a while, a paper assignment will be given, but this is not typical. The best way to see what work needs to be completed is to check Moodle.

German Three

Throughout the German three course students will cover a variety of grammar concepts and vocabulary by reading the German versions of several fairy tales. Some of the grammar concepts include: the imperfect tense, conjunctions, genitive case, etc.

The students will continue to play games and participate in other activities to practice the grammar and vocabulary. Students will read, write, and have conversations about the fairy tales that are read in class. Students will also make comparisons between the versions of the fairy tales they grew up hearing/seeing and the German versions being read in class.

There will be an ending project for the class, which will require students using the skills they learned in the class to write and produce their own fairy tale. Students will work in smaller groups for this project.

 German Four

Throughout the German four students will cover a variety of grammar concepts. These topics include: subjunctive case, genitive case, adjective endings, comparative and superlative, etc.

Students will continue to play games and participate in other reading, writing, and speaking activities to practice and learn German. They will learn vocabulary that is of an interest to them (animals, health, nature, history, etc.) as well as words that are needed to preform every day conversations.

Students will read a book and watch a movie on some of the events that occurred during WWII in Germany. Students will discuss the events from the book and learn about the history and culture of the time.
In addition to these activities, students will work on a semester long learning project. This project requires them to learn about a chosen city and present that information to the class. This gives them more ownership over the information, as well as provides valuable research and presentation skills.

Currently in Class


German one students have been working on learning how to ask and answer questions to give information about themselves and others. Students will begin working on family and descriptions vocaublary.

Students will learn through physical movements, story telling, speaking,reading, and writing. They will also play games and complete other activities to practice and acquire the German language.







German four students are working with the subjunctive verb tense in German. Students are moving from learning vocabulary based on the body and health to vocabulary geared toward learning about German culture. Students will read a book that teaches them about some German places and festivals. Students will read, write, and discuss the information.





One of the best ways to help your student with his/her work is to encourage them, help them study, and have them practice speaking to you in German by telling you stories. It is essential for students to practice outside of the classroom to be successful during classroom activities and assessments.





Students will receive a percentage grade in this course. Home Logic will be updated approximately once a week. If you would like a more up to date grade for your student, have them login to Moodle and view their grade for this class. Each homework assignment and quiz will be graded in Moodle as the student completes the assignment; therefore, the most up to date will be in Moodle.Students will be allowed to homework and classwork that is completed in Moodle; they will also be able to retake quizzes for a better grade. Due to students being permitted to retake quizzes, grades will not be rounded. If a student forget his/her computer/I-pad on the day of the quiz, he/she will take the quiz on paper and be allowed only one retake of the quiz. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the grading policies in German class. 



There will be homework assigned for this class. There will be a combination of assignments on Moodle, phone calls to leave voice mails, and paper assignments (rarely assigned). All of these things will be graded.



Students will have the chance to redo any assignment completed in Moodle to receive a better grade.

Voicemail Phone Number: 814-8285

Website for Moodle: moodle.cypanthers.org



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