Process Engineering I

In Process Engineering I students start by building a small bench called a Beginner's Bench to master the following basic woodworking skills: material layout,machining lumber from rough dimensions to finished dimensions, gluing, cutting wood joints, assembly, sanding, staining and finishing, as well as following verbal, written, and spatial directions. After the completion of the first project, students will work individually or within a group of their own choosing to demonstrate their mastery of skills through the fabrication of a Shaker Bedside Table from a working drawing, cut list, and plan of procedure. As much as possible during the completion of the project, lumber cut-offs and scraps from the Beginner's Bench project will be reclaimed and reused for parts. Lastly, students will construct a three-legged stool Danish Modern in style. Click here to view an example of the stool.

"I think there are three kinds of people...people who make things happen, people who watch things happen, and people who wonder what happened. Let's be the first kind." - Wendall Castle (1932 - ), American designer and woodworker

Objectives and activities to be covered the week of 2/29/16 include the following

Beginner's Bench: Secondary Machining

  • Beginner's Bench: Assembly, Staining and Finishing

    • Students use the following tools, materials, and procedures to assemble and finish all machined parts:
    • Demo: fabrication and attachment of glue blocks to base
    • Students fabricate and attach glue blocks to base assembly
    • Students sand base with 150 grit sandpaper
    • Demo: attaching top to base; students do same after demonstration
    • Finish sand project with 220 grit sandpaper in preparation for finishing
    • Students check bases for level on table saw; instructor levels bases for students
    • Students stain projects with choice of stain colors: dark, medium, light, or red
    • Demo on staining techniques; students stain their benches with the choice of dark walnut, golden oak, or red mahogany stain
    • Demo on finishes, applying finish to projects, and preparing surfaces between coats of finish
    • Students apply four coats of finish to their projects
    • Demo on rubbing out and polishing a finish with paste wax
    • Students wax the finish of their projects
    • Assessment of Beginner's Bench: self-evaluation/instructor’s evaluation via rubric

    • Be attentive and respectful during demonstrations, adhere to the shop safety rules, and conduct oneself in a manner that is conducive to a team-oriented woodworking manufacturing environment
    • Complete and submit all in-class worksheets and assignment.
    • Complete on a daily basis the summative weekly journal; submit for grading on Friday