Course Description

The purpose of the class is to introduce you to the many sub-disciplines that make up the field of psychology, with a particular emphasis on the study of human thought and behavior. In this course, you will be exposed to psychological theories and research on a wide variety of topics including behavior, cognitive processes, human development, and social influences on behavior. You will also learn about the application of psychological principles and research to real-world problems such as measuring personality and treating mental illness.

Here are the eight units students will need to study in order to be prepared for the final:
A. Intro/History Unit
B. Learning
C. Memory 
D. Thinking/ Intelligence 
E. Personality 
F. Motivation
G. Social Psychology
H. Abnormal Psychology

Parents: If you would like to know more about the daily happenings in class, please email me so that I can give you a personal link to your child's schoology page.