Class Expectations


So our class time can run smoothly, I will expect each student to keep these simple rules of conduct in mind:

** ALWAYS come prepared for class.
This means you should bring your Computer, LOOSE-LEAF BINDER, and WRITING INSTRUMENT with you every time you come to class unless I tell you will not need them.

** ALWAYS be prompt in arriving to class.
As you know, bells do ring to begin and end class. It is up to you to move quickly from room to room, especially if you are coming in after lunch. STRAGGLERS will be prosecuted.

** ALWAYS ask permission if you need to leave the room.
Be sure you sign out on the AGENDA BOOKLET. I will expect that you will not leave except in the case of an emergency WHEN SIGNING OUT FOR THE NURSE.

** ALWAYS be mentally prepared to use the whole class period.
We will very rarely if ever quit early. We have a lot of good stuff to do and learn--we really need way more time than we have to do it all.

** ALWAYS work hard when you are at school.
Every teacher, coach, and employers you ever have will expect this of you, so you this is a good habit to develop early in life. In school you can pass with a 65% effort in your classes. But this is not true in any other facet of life. I expect that you will perform at your best level, not just the minimum possible.

** ALWAYS be polite to the people around you.
This includes people you may not like, and people who are not polite to you. Our time together will go much better if we treat each other with respect.