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Daniels, Mr. John

Class Outline
Mr. Daniels—Freshman Academy

Course Subject Guide

Introduction to American Civics
Roots of American Government
Legislative Branch
Executive Branch
Judicial Branch and Law
State and Local Government
Political Parties and Voting
U.S. and World Relations

ACTIVITIES WE USE IN AMERICAN CIVICS-- In Foundations of Citizenship we will use many types of activities to learn about our nation’s past. In studying history I believe it is necessary for us to do much more than just read documents or hear about people’s lives--we must actually do, see, feel, and experience things our ancestors did to understand their lives and a need for democratic principles.
This class will require your participation! The more we can put ourselves in the shoes of the people we are studying, the more we will understand them. The effort we put out we will be rewarded.

ABSENCE POLICY-- If you are absent from school you are expected to get your assignments from Mr. Daniels or from someone in YOUR section. You have two days to complete the missed work for each day you missed. If you are absent on the day an assignment or test is due, you are expected to turn in the work or complete the test the next day you are back at school. If you are given assignments BEFORE you leave for a trip, etc., I will expect they be turned in when you come back to school.

EXTRA CREDIT POLICY-- Your accountability grade is your extra credit for Civics. There is no additional extra credit work available, with the exception of American Classics test retakes.

GRADING POLICY-- Assessments of your knowledge and abilities will be done in many ways. Sometimes we will use tests or quizzes. Other times we will use assignments such as an essay, a newspaper report, a speech, or other activity. All such items will be used to make up your quarter grades. Grades will be determined by a total amount of points earned. The more points you earn the higher your grade will be.

HOMEWORK POLICY-- It is easy to earn full credit for homework; all you need to do is have it IN CLASS on time and have it COMPLETELY DONE. If your homework is in class on time and partially done you will receive partial credit. If it is not in class on time you will receive no points, finished or not.

NOTEBOOK POLICY-- Near the end of each marking period each student will submit a 3 ring binder notebook of all class materials completed during the quarter. This will be worth about 50--100 points each quarter.
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