Chemistry Class Information


Chemistry centers itself around the immediate concepts and processes of chemistry. Abroad background focusing on such areas as conversions, atomic theory, the mole concept, formula and equation writing, chemical bonding, periodicity, stoichiometry, the behavior of gasses, acid-base concepts, properties of solutions, and kinetics are presented in this course. When possible, topics are introduced or reinforced in laboratory activities. Problem solving is an important part of this course and proficiency in algebra is required.

 Lab is considered an important part of this course. Lab techniques and the research that is done in chemistry are important to the complete understanding of chemistry. Many concepts are introduced and reinforced in lab. Lab reports, with related questions, will be completed for some laboratory experiments.
Students will be required to read the laboratory procedure the evening before Lab and may take a quiz on the procedure in class. It is hoped that these exercises will help you understand the material being discussed in class. You will have a lab quiz the day after each lab. 
Students will be assigned a cooperative learning groups assigned by the teacher. In general, cooperative learning methods share the following five characteristics. 
1. Student work together on assignments that are best handled through group work. 
2. Students work together in small groups containing two to five members. 
3. Students use cooperative, pro-social behavior to accomplish their assignment. 
4. Students are positively interdependent. 
5. Students are individually accountable or responsible for their work or learning.  If a student does not fulfill the responsibility to his/her group, the student will work alone.
The student has a profound responsibility when it comes to lab safety. Rules will be discussed and it is important that they are followed throughout the school year. A copy of safety rules should be in your notebook at all times. You will be quizzed on these safety rules. Any student that does not follow proper lab safety rules will be asked to sit down during lab and will asked to make up the work after school. Students and parents are expected to read the included safety rules and sign safety contract.
After an absence, it is the student's responsibility to check with Mrs. O'Brien "the day they return from an absence" about their make-up work. The policy for make-up work is as follows:
*The student has the number of days to submit missed work equivalent to his/her absence. For example: If a student was absent on Monday, the work missed would be due on Wednesday, giving the student 1 school day to submit assignments.
*The maximum number of days a student may have to submit missed work is 5 school days" (Central York High School Parent/Student Handbook).

Additionally, students are able to check their missing assignment(s) online. Therefore, it is the students' responsibility to see Mrs. O'Brien about making arrangements to complete the missing work during FlEX Office Hours.
A point system will be used for determining the student's grade for each marking period. Students will be able to schedule a time in which they may check their grade. All graded material will be assigned a point value. Approximate values are listed below: 
Tests 50 pts 
Quizzes: 5 - 40 pts 
Class work: 5 - 15 pts 
Lab Reports: 10 - 20 pts
Projects 10 - 30 pts