Chemistry: Unit 6 Mole and Stoichiometry

Unit 6: Mole and Stoichiometry 

Lab: Air Bag -

Lab: Percent Yield PbI2 -

Lab: Percent Yield NaCl - 

Unit 6 Test -.

Information in Modern Chemistry Text
Introduction to Stoichiometry pages 275 - 279 
Conversion factors pages 280-285 
Mass - Mass pages 286-287 
Limiting Reactant pages 288 - 292 
Percent Yield pages 293 - 294

Actual yield
Excess reactant
Limiting reactant
Mole ratio
Percent yield
Theoretical yield

Anchor (objectives)
CHEM.B.2.1. Predict what happens during a chemical reaction.
  B.2.1.1 Describe the roles of limiting and excess reactants in chemical reactions.
  B.2.1.2 Use stoichiometric relationships to calculate the amounts of reactants and products involved in a chemical reaction.