Internet Safety


Making Wise Decisions Online


Students are reminded to be careful about what they post on the internet.  Others can access more than you think they can!

 Consequences of Sexting

  • It's illegal. If under the age of 18, the person who took the photo or send the text can be charged with child pornography. This will lead to them becoming a registered sex offender and possibly ending up in a juvenile detention center. If someone forwards the picture or text, they can be charged with distribution of child pornography. Asking a minor for sexual images can lead to a charge of criminal sexual solicitation.
  • It's a loss of control. Once the photo or text message is in the hands of someone else, the person who sent it in the first place no longer has control of who it gets shared with or where it ends up. Pictures and screenshots can be shown or sent to anyone or posted anywhere on the internet.
  • It can ruin your future. Being caught taking or distributing sexual contact can lead to colleges revoking scholarships or acceptances. Sports teams or other extracurricular activities may retract your membership. If someone becomes a registered sex offender, they can never become an elected official, work with children, volunteer at a school or other organization that includes contact with children, and they can even be denied housing at the discretion of the landlord or neighborhood.
  • It can lead to abuse. Exchanging sexual content increases the likelihood of becoming a victim of sexual abuse. 

INformation For families

Tips to help parent/guardians protect their students from dangers on the internet can be found at the following websites:

Keeping Children Safe Online

Families are also encouraged to check out the Central York School District Technology Parent Resource Page!!