Facing Death & Loss

Handling a Death or Loss

.The counselors at Central want to provide support to those who are affected by loss. One small way that we can do this is to ensure that there is access to information that can help in the grieving process. Here you will find useful resources pertaining grief and loss.

We hope that you will also visit your counselor when you are ready to talk. 

Olivia's House is a York area grief and loss center for children and families. This has been an excellent source of healing for many of our students who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Visit their website at http://www.oliviashouse.org/.

Grief Net is an internet community for persons dealing with grief, death, and major loss.  Visit them here: http://www.griefnet.org/.

Fernside provides support for families who have experienced a death through the materials on this site. Access them here: http://www.fernside.org/grief-resources 

Kidshealth.org provides an overview of the grief process and is a good resource for friends and family members of a person who has experienced a loss. Their website can be found here: http://kidshealth.org/teen/your_mind/emotions/someone_died.html.

Books Available at the Cyhs Library/Hub:.

  1. “When a Friend Dies: a Book for Teens about Grieving and Healing” by Marilyn E. Gootman - Gives practical advice for teens who have experienced the death of a friend.

  2. ”How to Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies” by Therese A. Rando - A guide for people who are grieving the death of a loved one, providing a definition of grief, discussing its impact on people, looking at the special circumstances that affect the grieving process, and exploring ways to resolve grief.

Camp Mend-A-Heart:

This one-day grief camp for families is held annually in Hanover, PA. For information, please visit their website at: