Counseling Resources

Where Can You Turn
When It's Time To Get Help?

At Central York High School

In addition to the school counselors at Central York, these resources are available:

Central York High School has a Student Assistance Program (SAP) for students who are experiencing academic, emotional, or social difficulties and/or issues with drug/alcohol use. Any student can be referred by a teacher, administrator, parent, or themself. This program provides a free assessment to determine the need for ongoing mental health and/or substance abuse treatment. For more information, see this attachment:  
SAP_info_sheet.doc.pdf  and feel free contact any team member at 846-6789 or email the team..

Central York School District has partnered with T.W. Ponessa & Associates Counseling Services to provide in-school therapeutic counseling services to students in need of such assistance. Students and families interested in learning more about this service are encouraged to contact their child's school counselor or the school social worker. All counseling visits are billed directly to the parent or guardian's insurance carrier.

When Looking for Help In the Community


These websites are filled with resources and information designed to help those who are battling depression or care about someone who is:

Healthy Place

Getting Help Immediately

When the need is absolutely immediate, please call 911.

When you need to reach out for yourself or someone you know, caring professionals are available...
By texting 741-741 (the Crisis Text Line) or...
By calling the Youth Crisis Hotline at 
1-800-448-4663 or...
By calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.