Coping With Stress

Coping with Stress.

Being a teenager in the 21st century can be extremely stressful. There are many who can help, though, so just ask!  

Helpful articles for parents of teenagers who are struggling with stress include:

To better understand stress and learn some strategies for coping, check out this attachment:  Stress_Management.pdf

Consider trying MINDFULNESS. Watch this video to learn more:

Parents may find this article useful. It shares strategies to help children with anxiety sleep better. While it is clearly targeted to parents of younger children, some of the strategies may be helpful to the parents of teenagers.

Books Available at The Cyhs Library/Hub:

  1. "Fighting Invisible Tigers: A Stress Management Guide for Teens” by Earl Hipp - Discusses the pressures and problems encountered by teenagers and provides information on life skills, stress management, and methods of gaining more control over their lives.

  2. ”Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Teens: Simple Ways to Keep Your Cool in Stressful Times” by Richard Carlson - Presents one hundred tips for teens to live a more happy, healthy, and ethical lives.

  3. ”Stress: Just Chill Out!” by Joeanne Adler - Discusses the causes and symptoms of teenage stress and ways of measuring and dealing with it.

Apps For Managing Stress:

  1. Self-Help for Anxiety Management - The Self-Help for Anxiety Management (SAM) app from the University of the West of England can help you regain control of your anxiety and emotions. Tell the app how you’re feeling, how anxious you are, or how worried you are. Then let the app’s self-help features walk you through some calming or relaxation practices.
  2. I Can Be Free - A part of the I Can Be Anything series of apps, the I Can Be Free app lets you listen to audio recordings aimed at relieving stress, overcoming phobias and fears, and helping you sleep better, among other things.
  3. Relax & Rest Guided Meditation - While group meetings and discussions are always an option, some people find relaxation more easily on their own. This app lets you relax in the space of your own home or office with three guided meditations. Breath Awareness Guided Meditation (5 minutes), Deep Rested Guided Meditation (13 minutes), and Whole Body Guided Relaxation (24 minutes) are designed specifically to help you relax and sink into a peaceful meditation moment.
  4. Personal Zen - If ever there was a game developed to ease your stresses, it's not Candy Crush Saga and it's most definitely not Angry Birds. It's Personal Zen, an iOS-only app that helps you train your brain to focus on the positive things. Personal Zen has been clinically proven, complete with a study published in the Clinical Psychological Science journal, to lower the anxiety levels of people prone to anxiety. The game takes place on a plane of green grass, where two blue sprites, one with a happy face and one with an angry face, bury themselves under the grass. Once they're gone, your goal is to trace the line that leads to the hole of the happy face. It's easy enough, and you only need to play 25 minutes every day to get the app's benefits.
  5. The Worry Box - Wouldn't it be great if you could take all your worries, put them in a box and just leave them there instead of having to carry them around everywhere you go? That is what The Worry Box is for, a virtual box where you can place all your stresses and let them fade away in there. This app also builds upon cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, a proven method to relieve stress, anxiety and depression to help you manage worry and learn how to cope with your stresses, whether they are controllable or not. It will also give you access to relaxation audios and articles that teach you how CBT works.
  6. My Happy Place - My Happy Place is your own personal app for storing things that make you happy. Photos, videos, quotes, songs and even journal entries - If it makes you happy then it belongs in your happy place. Life is too short to waste time being sad or angry, so if you’re having a rough day just head to your happy place for a quick pick-me-up.