CYHS Scholarship Application Procedure

Scholarship Application Procedure

When students apply for private scholarships, they will find that there are a variety of expectations and methods for applying. Seniors are encouraged to ask their school counselor for guidance as much as needed during this process.

In general, these guidelines should help:

  • If the scholarship is a PAPER application to be mailed, the student should complete their part and bring it to the CYHS Counseling Office with a stamped/addressed envelope. There is an orange request sheet that the student will need to complete and attach to the scholarship/envelope. We will add the official transcript and any requested letters of recommendation to the application and mail the entire packet. We typically are able to do this within 2-3 business days, but ask students to allow us 10 school days to process applications. 

  • If the scholarship is ONLINE and asks the student to upload their transcript, the student can log on to their Parchment account, download their transcript and upload it to the application. If the student discovers that their self-view of their transcript on Parchment isn't fully up-to-date, they can press "UPDATE" and then wait for our Counseling Office Secretary to upload the most updated version (within 2-3 business days, typically). 

  • If the scholarship is ONLINE and asks the student to enter the email address of their school counselor, it is very likely that the counselor will be able to submit the transcript electronically directly on the portal of the scholarship organization and the student will likely not need to do anything additional. These sorts of scholarships may also ask the student to enter the email addresses of their recommenders, which will prompts those adults to submit letters of recommendation electronically also. 

  • If the scholarship requests that the student's official transcript (and/or letters of recommendation) be emailed to them, the student should log on to their Parchment account and ORDER these documents to go directly to the provided email address for that scholarship.


As always, students are encouraged to contact their school counselor with any questions!