Article Reviews


Band Article Assignment – Concert Band due in class on Thursday, February 27, 2014.


1.  Please choose ONE article and read it.


2.  Complete an Article Review by downloading the Article Review Form:


            Laptop Users:  Download the MSWord Version

            iPad Users:  Download the PDF Version (and open in Noteability)


3.  Save the Article Review as “02-27-14_review” in your Google Drive folder that is shared with Mr. Martini for Concert Band.




See It & Sing It! (sight-singing)

You can hear the music examples in the article by scanning the QR code or visiting:


Best Music Schools 2014 – finding the right music school and getting in – tips from students, college educators, and admissions.  Great info on programs, majors, degrees, applications, auditions, and more.

Find links to schools and more resources at:



Pentatonic Power


Understanding Intonation