Apollo - Mass Customized Learning at CYHS

Welcome to mass customized learning at Central York High School. Our first pilot course is called "Apollo."

What is Apollo? It's a course that blends three disciplines: art, English, and social studies. In this semester-long course, students spend most of their day (periods 1 thru 3) working with three teachers as they complete projects across their respective subject areas. Each project must contain elements from all three subjects: art, English, and social studies. In addition to these four independent projects, students will also complete a fifth project in a group. This project will require "reaching out" into the community.

Materials for the course, including daily lessons, readings, rubrics, and other information can be found on Schoology, linked here: here: Apollo on Schoology. Parents, if you would like access to the site, please contact Mr. Ward, Mr. Wimmer, or Mr. Grandi.