Abscences and Make-up Work

Absences & Make-up Work

After an absence, it is the student's responsibility to check with Mr. Trimmer "the day they return from an absence about their make-up work." The policy for make-up work is as follows:

  • The student has the number of days to submit missed work equivalent to his/her absence. For example: If a student was absent on Monday, the work missed would be due on Wednesday, giving the student 1 school day to submit assignments.
  • The maximum number of days a student may have to submit missed work is 5 school days" (Central York High School Parent/Student Handbook).

Additionally, students are able to check their missing assignment(s) online. Therefore, it is the students' responsibility to see Mr. Trimmer about making arrangements to complete the missing work - before school, before and after class, during Academic Prep, and after school.