Unit Descriptions Health I

Wellness Unit:

During the Wellness Unit, students will begin their investigation into the various aspects of health. In this unit the student will examine their heredity, their goals, the decision-making process, and refusal skills. Additionally, current trends in teen health such as risk behavior and the statistics pertaining to these risk behaviors will be introduced.


Stress Management Unit:

In this unit the students will be investigating different stressors, the effect of stress on the body, and stress management techniques.

Human Sexuality Unit:

Within the Human Sexuality Unit the students will be differentiating between the male and female anatomy and the function of the each component. The importance of male and female reproductive exams will be looked into. Additionally, the students will examine the stages of pregnancy and the importance of prenatal care. The students will then investigate abstinence and various forms of contraceptives. Various Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's) will also be examined. Finally, the students will analyze and develop a perspective on a healthy dating relationship.


Nutrtion Unit:

Within the Nutrition Unit, the students are analyzing the six essential nutrients and how these nutrients play an important part in the functioning of their body systems. Additionally, the students will be looking into the effect of nutrition on long-term health and chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. The students will also be examining the fast food industry and food advertisement business as they watch Super Size Me and various current food advertisements. They will then be deducing how these advertisements influence our food selections and lead to specific negative health consequences. Next, using food commonly consumed by teens, the students will uncover the appropriate use of the Nutrition Facts Label and then inspect their food selections compared to the consumption suggested by the manufacturer. Lastly, the student will be using MyPyramid.gov to uncover a personal nutrition plan to achieve his/her FDA recommended and age appropriate diet. The student will then use MyPyramid.gov and a personally recorded food log of food consumed for a period of time to compare his/her current diet to the FDA recommended diet.

Mental Health Unit:

The students will be looking into society's perspective on mental illness and formulating their own perspective.  They will also discriminate between various forms of mental illnesses and disorders.  Some topics the students will study are depression, eating disorders, and suicide.  The student will explore the severity of metal illnesses and disorders and how one can seek help.