Classroom Policies

I.   Classroom Expectation—

To have and be part of the Panther PRIDE.

To achieve the concept of PRIDE one must abide by the following ideals:

P- Participation 

  • Your assignments are completed to the best of your ability by the due date.  If you have missed a class, it is your responsibility to obtain the information you missed from a classmate and/or me. 
  • Come to class prepared to learn with the following materials: Pencil, Pen, Notebook or Binder, and iPad.
  • Participate in classroom discussion and ask appropriate questions to aid in learning.



  • Appropriately address the topics with a mature understanding.
  • Treat your peers with the same respect with which you would like to be treated.  The privacy of classmates should be respected.  Topics discussed in health affect each person differently.
  • Be in the classroom in your seat or on task at the time the bell rings.
  • Remain on task through the entire class period.
  • Raise your hand to speak.
  • Wait for others to be done speaking prior to talking.
  • Follow school rules.


  • Abide by class policies and school rules even when not under direct observation.
  • Firm adherence to CYHS’s Technology Acceptable Use Policy.


  • Seek help from me by politely asking questions until you obtain the understanding needed to complete the task. 
  • Working and staying on task throughout the entire class period.
  • Keep all materials (hand-outs and notes) neatly organized.


    E- Effort.

  • 100% effort is placed into all work and activities.
  • Complete and turn-in your assignments by the due date.
  • If you are absent, obtain and complete your work in the time frame given by me or the school. 
  • See me with any questions or concerns you have regarding your grade, your assignments, or classroom issues.


    II. Discipline Procedure

    A. Non-verbal warning

    B. Verbal warning

  • If behavior does not change immediately, Step C may be skipped and student will receive teacher detention (Step D).

    C. After-class or out-of-class conference

    D. Teacher detention and call to parent/guardian

    E. Principal detention


    III. Grading Policy

  • Your overall grade will be calculated on a point scale.  All graded assignments will be given a point value. 
  • The final Health and Physical Education semester grade will be calculated according to the following: 40% Physical Education, 40% Health, and 20% Health Final.

    IV. Assignment Policy

  • All assignments are due at the start of next class period unless otherwise noted.
  • A student who did not complete his/her homework by the due date will have 5 school days to submit this assignment to the teacher.
  • Any work accepted within these 5 days will be considered late and only receive a maximum of half-credit.
  • Work turned in after these 5 school days will be considered a zero. 
  • If absent on the day an assignment is due, the new due date is the date of the student’s return.  You must show your excuse card to the teacher.
  • Major projects such as research papers or long-term assignments must be turned in on the assigned due date no matter what!!!  If a student is absent, their long-term assignment must still be turned in on the due date.  Late long-term assignments will be deducted 10 percentage points each day they are late. 

    V. Make-up Work

  • Students must show their excused absence card to the teacher prior to being permitted to make-up any assignments.  Students who do not possess an excuse card will not be permitted to make up work.
  • Make-up work must be obtained the first day the student returns to class or work will not be permitted to be made up and the student will automatically receive a zero.
  • Students have the number of days equal to their absence—up to a maximum of 5 days—to make-up any missed assignments. 

VI. Test/Quiz Policy

  • I do give pop quizzes.
  • Prior notice will be given for any major test.
  • If absent on the day of a test, the following make-up policy applies:

o Excused absence card is required for make-up.

o A date for test make-up must be scheduled within two class periods of return or the student will receive a zero. 

o The test make-up date must be within two cycles of the student’s return.


Any extenuating circumstances can be discussed with the teacher prior to or at the conclusion of the school day.