Level I - Child/Ad Development for Teaching

Child and Adolescent Development for Teaching


Course Units:

 I.  Theory

A.  Areas of Development

B. Different theorist and their discoveries

C.  Observing Children


II.  Preschoolers

A.   Milestones of Areas of Development

B.   Learning Centers  

C.   Literacy and Reading

D.   Transitions

E. Schedules

F. Guiding Behavior


III.  Early Elementary

A.   Characteristics of children ages 5-8

B.   Learning strategies

C.   Literacy and Reading

D.   Role of parents for Early Elementary Students


IV.  Late Elementary

A.  Characteristics of children ages 8-10

C.  Issues facing children ages 8-10

D. Guiding Behavior


V.  Middle School

A. Characteristics of children ages 10-13

B.  Issues facing children ages 10-13

C.  Literacy and Reading

D. Guiding Behavior


VI.  High School

A. Characteristics of children ages 13-17

B. Reading and Learning Strategies

C. Teaching Methods

D. Issues facing children ages 13-17


VII. Curriculum and Instruction

A.   Nutritional needs of selected age child

B.   Special needs children

C.   Parental Involvement

D.   Cumulative project



Classroom Procedures


1.  Be in your seat when the bell rings.


2.  Arrive on time for class. 3 lates =  Detention


3.  You must follow all the school rules and procedures.  ID’s


4.  You are expected to stay on task during class.


5.  You are expected to respect yourself and others.


6.  You are expected to participate in the class.


7.  You are expected to clean up after yourself.


8.  Stay in your seat until I dismiss you. No lining up  at the door.


9.  10% will be taken off of late work for every day it is late. However, all lesson plans, bulletin boards, and newsletters must be completed the day before the start of the preschool day. 

10.  Make up work is YOUR responsibility.


Assessment/Grading Assessment Tools


Tests/Quizzes Paper and Pencil tests

Class Participation Participation Rubric

Individual classwork Completed worksheets

Group classwork Rubrics

Projects Checklists

Individual Project Cumulative Project