York County School of Technology Opportunities for Part-time Students

York County School of Technology Opportunities for Part-time Students

 The following elective “part-time” courses will be offered at the York County School of Technology (YCST) for eleventh and/or twelfth grade students.  Courses run daily from 1:30 -3:00 P.M.  Central provides a bus to the school and students can ride the YCST bus home.  Interested students should come to the Career Center for an application.  Applications are due in the spring prior to the start of the next school year. 

 Students who enroll in any of the part-time courses will follow all YCST school rules and regulations.  This includes purchasing and wearing school uniforms.  Uniform information is available in the Career Center.

 Construction Technician- 

Students will have the opportunity to explore four aspects of the construction pathway.  During this year long class, students will spend two periods a day for one marking period in each of the four Construction pathway classes.  The classes include Electrical Occupations, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Masonry, and Carpentry.  Safety practices will be covered in all areas.  The Electrical Occupations portion of the course will begin with an introduction to the theory of electricity, followed by an introduction to the electrical trades.  In Carpentry, small construction projects are assigned to represent the mastery of skills.  Masonry students will learn the proper use of hand tools and how to mix mortar, and HVAC/Plumbing will introduce students to basic skills required by HVAC and Plumbing careers.

 Introduction to Automotive Technology-

This course will focus on two basic systems.  The first is the Automotive Electrical/Electronics systems and the identification and repair of electrical concerns.  The second system is designed to provide a student with an understanding of the basic operating principles of the automotive chassis.  The Automotive program at YCST follows ASE guidelines established by NATEF.

Introduction to Welding-

This is an introductory course that teaches the working elements associated with learning the skill of welding.  This course also covers ANSI/AWS National Skills Standards for acquiring the basic knowledge and skills in practical blueprint reading and interpretation.

Nail Technology-

This program includes a practical and theoretical study of nails.  The theory portion includes Pennsylvania Cosmetology Law.  Students will successfully complete 100 hours in this course and be eligible to complete a second course next year for an additional 100 hours.  Those who successfully complete the total 200 hours over two  years will be eligible to apply for a State Board of Cosmetology Examination for licensure in Nail Technology.  Certification costs are the student’s responsibility.‚Äč