Bullying Prevention


What is the difference between conflict, teasing, rough play and bullying?

(Shared by The Center for Safe Schools)

Bullying is intentional humiliation and/or harm inflicted on a child who is seen as less powerful. Bullying is a form of peer abuse and should never be ignored. 

Conflict occurs between children with equal power. Conflict is a normal part of life and not meant to intentionally harm others. Bullying is not conflict and should not be resolved using conflict resolution or peer mediation strategies.

Teasing is typically a behavior that is between friends or family members to positively change someone’s behavior. For example: “C’mon slowpoke,” “Okay, Michael Jordan. Let’s see you block this shot.”

Rough Play is usually between friends, and there is no intent to harm. The children interact in a positive, friendly manner.

Understanding the difference between these forms of behavior is important so that adults can respond and follow up appropriately. When inappropriate behaviors are witnessed, adults and/or peers should intervene

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