PREPARING for a Future in Art

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What should a high school student do to prepare for their future in a career related to the visual arts?

  • Take appropriate high school classes 
    • In the Art Department
      • Drawing & Painting is CRUCIAL for all careers in the visual arts. The concepts and skills learned in this class...
      • 2D / 3D / Art History...
      • Portfolio...
      • AP Studio classes...
    • Crossover courses in other departments....
      • For those who want to be architects, ...
      • For those who want to be advertisers, ...
      • For those who want to design video games or be animators, ...
    • College preparatory prerequisites
      • Four credits in English
      • Three or more credits in Social Studies
      • Three or more credits in Science courses that have labs
      • Three or more credits in Mathematics
      • Two or more credits in the same World Language
  • Get involved in clubs and activities related to your interests
    • National Art Honor Society
    • Science Olympiad
    • ??
  • Seek out other opportunities to learn about your future career
    • Internships
    • Career Exploration Programs through YCAL