Conflicts At Home

Does Your Home Feel Like A Battleground?.

So often, the conflicts that we have with others escalate all too quickly into enormous arguments and, sometimes, even into physical altercations. Whether you're experiencing trouble communicating or having more serious concerns for safety in your home, there is help finding more peaceful ways to interact with loved ones.  

If your situation is unsafe right now, please get help immediately.

Call 911 and get to a location that is away from danger.


Maybe things are out of control right now. Maybe things have been out of control for a while. Either way, there is help for you and for your family. Not sure what to do? 


If your family is in distress and needs help, please consider these resources:

Perhaps your family is not in crisis, but is struggling to get along. If this is the case, you may find the resources listed below helpful. They offer suggestions to find the most effective ways to communicate with teenagers (so that they will actually HEAR you):


  1. "Cool It: Teen Tips to Keep Hot Tempers from Boiling Over” by Michael Hershorn - Gives teens strategies for managing anger, showing how to recognize anger antecedents and how to walk away, calm down, control one’s thoughts, communicate, negotiate, and stand up for oneself, and explain how to reflect upon behaviors and consequences. Also covers such topics as sibling rivalry, blended families, bullying, catastrophic stress, and making therapy work.

  2. "Emotions Revealed: Recognizing Faces and Feelings to Improve Communication and Emotional Life” by Paul Ekman - Discusses the universality of facial expressions, explains how they can be read for specific emotions, and discusses ways to control one’s emotional reactions and channel emotions into constructive behavior.