Eating Disorders

Battling Eating Disorders

Did you know....

  • .In the United States, eating disorders are more common than Alzheimer's disease (as many as 10 million people have eating disorders compared to 4 million with Alzheimer's disease).
  • Anorexia nervosa is more expensive to treat than schizophrenia, yet insurance coverage for treatment is exceedingly insufficient. The average direct medical costs for treating anorexia nervosa is $6054 a year compared to $4824 a year for schizophrenia.
  • Although recovery from anorexia nervosa is often protracted nearly a decade, the outcome of treatment is better than for obesity or breast cancer.
  • In the United States, as many as 10 million females and 1 million males are fighting a life and death battle with an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Millions more are struggling with binge eating disorder.
  • For females between fifteen to twenty-four years old who suffer from anorexia nervosa, the mortality rate associated with the illness is twelve times higher than the death rate of ALL other causes of death.
  • 40% of newly identified cases of anorexia are in girls 15-19 years old.

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Books Available at the CYHS Library/Hub On Overcoming Eating disorders: 

  1. "When Your Child Has An Eating Disorder: A step-by-step Workbook for Parents and Other Caregivers” by Abigail H. Natenshon - Presents information and exercises for families of children and young adults with eating disorders, providing guidance on the signs of disease, the beginning of a dialogue with the child, treatment, recovery, and setbacks, and includes a special section on children leaving for college, as well as a resource directory.

  2. "Binge No More: Your Guide for Overcoming Disordered Eating” by Joyce D. Nash - Provides information and encouragement to those who suffer from eating disorders and offers a step-by-step program and coping strategies to help establish healthy eating habits and reduce the risk of complications.

  3. "The Athletic Woman’s Survival Guide: How to Win the Battle Against Eating Disorders, Amenorrhea, and Osteoporosis” by Carol L. Otis - Explains how women can put together a training plan that will help them become happier and healthier.

  4. “Life Without Ed: How One Woman Declared Independence from Her Eating Disorder and How You Can Too” by Jenni Schaefer - Jenni had been in an abusive relationship with Ed for far too long. He controlled Jenni’s life, distorted her self-image, and tried to physically harm her throughout their long affair. Then, in therapy, she learned to treat her eating disorder as a relationship, not a condition. By thinking of her eating disorder as a unique personality separate from her own, Jenni was able to break up with Ed once and for all. Inspiring, compassionate, and filled with practical exercises to help you break up with your own personal E.D., Life Without Ed provides hope to the millions plagued by eating disorders. Beginning with Jenni’s “divorce” from Ed, this supportive, lifesaving book combines a patient’s insights and experiences with a therapist’s prescriptions for success to help you live a healthier, happier life without Ed.

Recovery Record:

The Recovery Record iPhone or Android app is your smart companion for eating disorder recovery. Recovery Record will help you to stay motivated, remain connected, and achieve your recovery goals.

  • Use for self-help or in conjunction with a treatment team
  • For every stage of recovery from every type of eating disorder
  • Track meals, thoughts and feelings
  • Stay connected anytime, anywhere
  • Check out your progress
  • Celebrate wins with rewards

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