Taking the A.S.V.A.B.

Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)

The ASVAB is a multiple choice test used by all branches of the United States to determine job qualification of new service members.

It is also an excellent test to help ALL students to learn about careers that suit their abilities and interests, even if they are not interested in going into the military.

Students who take the ASVAB are asked to indicate whether they want to be contacted by military recruiters or not, so there will NOT be uninvited contact from military recruiters due to ASVAB testing. 

The ASVAB consists of 9 parts:

  • Word Knowledge (WK)

  • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)

  • Mechanical Comprehension (MC)

  • Automotive and Shop Information (AS)

  • Electronics Information (EI)

  • Mathematics Knowledge (MK)

  • General Science (GS)

  • Paragraph Comprehension (PC)

  • Assembling Objects (AO)

The ASVAB can be taken by 10th, 11th and 12th grade students (at no cost) each fall and spring at Central York High School.  Interested students should sign up in the School Counseling Office.

Students are encouraged to prepare for the ASVAB by using print materials available in the School Counseling Office and using free test preparation resources found at the following sites: