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Nursing Services

Mrs. Donner, RN
Certified School Nurse
email: [email protected]

phone: 717-846-6789 x 1320
Fax# 717-434-1791

Mrs. Freesia Nardo, LPN
Health Room Assistant

Parents are encouraged to communicate any health concerns that may impact their student's day in school. Our Certified School Nurse, Michele Donner, RN, CSN & our Health Room Assistant, Freesia Nardo, LPN look forward to helping every Central York High School student reach their full potential.


Health forms and medication guidelines are provided through the links on the left.

HEARING AND VISION SCREENING:  Vision screenings are required by the state to be done every year. Hearing screenings are required on all 11th grade students.

If your child does not pass their hearing or vision screening, a referral form will be mailed to your home.  Please be sure to communicate the results of their specialist exam with us here at school. If you have not been able to schedule a follow-up appointment with a doctor due to financial concerns, we may be able to help! CYSD is affiliated with programs that can help.



Please return your child's physical form by the 1st day of school.  The form is available through the link on the left. A physical form is good if dated within one year from the start date of the 11th grade school year.


It is best for medication to be given at home, but we understand that it is sometimes not possible. If a medication must be given during the school day, please follow these important guidelines:

  • Medication Order Form must be filled out by a physician and signed by a parent/guardian each school year. Form is available through the link on the left.
  •  responsible adult must bring medications to school and the medication must be in the original container. 
  •  It is encouraged for a student to keep an emergency inhaler and/or epipen at school. At the high school level students are encouraged to carry their emergency medications (EpiPens and Inhalers) with them. They will need a doctor's note stating this will be okay.


Parents know their children best and need to carefully weigh the decision to keep them home from school. It is important to encourage regular attendance and to only miss days when absolutely necessary.  Please note that if you decide to send your child to school, we will make every effort to keep them at school the entire school day.

Here are some health smart guidelines to follow

  • If your child has a temperature of 100 or greater, please care for them at home. They should be fever free for 24 hours (without fever reducing medication) before returning to school.
  • If they are vomiting or have diarrhea, please care for them at home until they have no symptoms for at least 12 hours.
  • Please care for your child at home if they are having severe cough or breathing difficulty.
  • If your child's eyes are irritated, red and itchy with a mucus discharge, please contact your doctor. If treatment is prescribed, it is best to keep your child at home until the first dose is given.
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