International Summer Programs

International Summer Programs

Below are links to summer opportunities that exist within our community and across the country.  Central York High School does not necessarily endorse any of these programs, as we often know only as much as appears on the program website.  We list them here simply to make students and families aware of the opportunities, so that you may investigate them further.

Please note that many of these programs require a significant cost to the student, so families are encouraged to research these programs thoroughly before deciding if the program is worth your expense.

Summer opportunities are listed on this page year-round for student planning purposes, so please be aware that deadlines may have passed for involvement in these programs for the upcoming summer.  

Summer Camp in China

Opportunities include a three-week camp that offers students firsthand experience about Chinese language, deeper understanding about the culture and society, and an opportunity to make connections with local teens.

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Summer Study in Paris

Summer Study Programs offers 3 to 5 week programs at The Sorbonne, including a French Immersion Option. Weekend excursions to Versailles, Loire Valley, Disney Paris and Amsterdam included.  Learn more at

Tufts Summit

Tufts Summit invites high school students to develop a greater understanding of the global village they will call home. While improving their French language skills, students are introduced to the complex world of international politics and diplomacy through classroom instruction, exploration of French culture, and field trips to local sites of historic importance and natural beauty.

This program challenges high school students to see beyond the assumptions they share with most Americans about the purpose and practice of government, the nature of family and community, and the origins of war and peace.

Day trips to international organizations in Geneva and Lyon, as well as visits to medieval castles in the countryside enable students to gain an insider's view of a world most know only from books and newspapers.

Students live with carefully selected host families, most often with another student. What students learn first-hand about French daily life and culture by sharing meals, conversations and outings with their host families goes well beyond what can be learned from a textbook. The home stay is an integral and memorable part of the Tufts Summit experience and results not only in improved language skills, but also enduring friendships with French host families.

A typical weekday begins with breakfast at the student's French home and a bus ride to the European Center in Talloires using local transportation. Morning classes in French and International Relations are followed by lunch in the Priory gardens, where students are likely to meet and chat with French students their age. In the afternoon, students have additional French language or IR activities to complement their classes. Later in the afternoon, students return to their French homes by bus in time for dinner with their families.

In Tufts Summit, students are encouraged to challenge their physical abilities, as well as their minds. Outdoor activities, such as hiking to alpine meadows and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Annecy, introduce students to another outstanding aspect of this alpine region - its extraordinary beauty and unique ecosystem.

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