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Gibson, Mr. Seth


Señor Gibson's Spanish Classes

Spanish class guidelines and expectations


This course is organized to stagger the studying of new vocabulary with varying grammatical concepts. The units are thematically based to afford you the opportunity to make connections with what we are learning. As a learner of Spanish, you will benefit from consistent practice and study of both vocabulary and grammar and to build incrementally on previously learned concepts. Therefore, you should habitually keep track of assignments and are encouraged to practice and review daily. You should consistently be working on your assigned Quizlet word lists and your mastery learning activities on Schoology. Reviewing and studying for summative assessments is crucially important, especially since you will be expected to spell terms correctly on all quizzes and tests. Whether you use your textbook, notes, or online materials, you will have ample resources to help you achieve mastery of course content.


Course grades will be categorized and weighted. Schoology assignments that are set up as mastery assignments, such as actividades de práctica and perfeccionamiento tasks, will be worth 40% of each marking period grade. Summative assessments will have a marking period value of 50% of the marking period grade, specifically 20% for quizzes and speaking assessments and 30% for tests. Homework, such as but not limited to completion of Quizlet sets and crucigramas, will be worth 10%. Each marking period percentage grade will ultimately be worth 40% of your overall course grade and the final exam will be worth 20%.


Students in need of academic assistance should take advantage of opportunities to seek help during flex periods. Students that need to complete missed assessments or other tasks will be signed up to complete such tasks during flex periods.


As stipulated in the student handbook, all students are expected to maintain the highest levels of academic integrity. Any academic misconduct such as plagiarizing or cheating may result in a zero on the assignment, failure for the marking period of the course, or failure for the semester. In this course, these consequences will apply to both the person who copies another person’s work and the person that intentionally provides the work to the other student. For this reason, screen shots and/or photographs of mastery assignments on Schoology are prohibited, whether or not they are for personal use.


Finally, it is expected that you remain on task for the duration of the time that you are given to complete assignments in class. Use of cellular phones during class is entirely prohibited. All such devices should be stored away at all times during class. Use of online translators is prohibited for the completion of any assignment. Students should use wordreference.com as a reliable dictionary resource when necessary. Online gaming, except for Quizlet and Duolingo, and video watching, except for links provided on Schoology, are not permitted during class time. 



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