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Everett, Mrs. Susan

Welcome to the Earth Science and Honors Earth Science 9th Grade

Earth Science is an interdisciplinary field where we will focus primarily in the field of Geology: the study of the solid Earth. As an Earth Science teacher, I am afforded the opportunity and pleasure to guide you in discovering the answers to many questions relative to the Earth and the physical world around us. You will be encouraged you to investigate the world around you through first hand experiences and to help you gain a new understanding of this world and the processes of change. Emphasis will be based on observation, analysis,and interpretation.

All Materials and Websites
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All Earth Science Classes will utilize Schoology.com
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  • Describe the rock-forming events in the rock cycle
  • Explain 3 ways sedimentary rocks form
  • Identify some sedimentary rock using a reference chart
  • Relate sediment sorting to rock stratification
  • Explain why fossils are found in sedimentary rocks
  • Explain how an igneous rock forms
  • Distinguish between extrusive and intrusive igneous rock
  • Explain how texture relates to igneous rock formation
  • Identify some igneous rocks using a reference chart
  • Explain how metamorphic rock form
  • Identify metamorphic rock and their parents in a reference chart
  • Classroom Rules and Expectations:
    1. Each day the student will come prepared with iPad, homework, and materials for class.
    2.  Respect each other and their materials.
    3.  All handbooks rules should be applied and followed within the classroom.
    4.  Expectation is to be active participant in all classroom activities.
    Upcoming Assignments/Events
    Check Homework Page for Upcoming or past assignments are listed primarily on the Schoology Site.
    Starting Mineral Unit: Upcoming Lab on Mineral Identification
    Mineral Unit should last about 2 weeks.

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