Doug Tyson has taught high school mathematics in 3 different schools in 2 different states to 3000-3500 students (conservatively estimated). Through the course of his career, he has taught Consumer Mathematics, Computer Literacy, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Probability & Statistics, and AP Statistics.

Doug also works part-time as an adjunct professor for HACC and Wilkes University, teaching 2 courses in the fall semester, 2 courses in the spring semester, and 3-4 courses during the summer. In addition to his teaching, Doug reviews Statistics textbooks, writes graphing calculator manuals, and serves as a judge in the ASA Poster competition. He also wrote a Statistics curriculum module for the CollegeBoard, runs teacher workshops on teaching Statistics, and does work for publishers of math and statistics textbooks and teaching materials.

Doug resides in York, PA with his wonderful wife, four children (three of whom are boys and one of whom is a girl), their dog Midnight, and their cat Jinx. He loves reading, volleyball, hunting, fishing, and strategy games. Doug enjoys these things the most when he can do them with his wonderful family. He is susceptible to any bribe that includes Jelly Belly jelly beans and loves to make snow with his homemade snow making machine.



Mount Tyson