Ponas, Ms. Gaylene

Course Description:

In this senior course, students will examine world literature that spans ancient epics to modern prose fiction, non fiction, and poetry. The reading will be thematically arranged, with a strong focus on students' literary analysis of the readings as well as their recognition of universals in human existence. Frequent writing assignments will encourage expanded expressive skills in the writing domains; frequent class discussions will encourage growth in thoughtful discourse. Included in the course is an oral research requirement as well as significant independent reading and critical analysis.

Welcome to English IV.  You will need a binder and a journal notebook.  The class is structured on open discussion, critical thinking, and a variety of venues to express yourself.  Specifically, you will be sharing in groups, writing, video/music projects, and articulating your opinion.   We'll connect these to the real world of today, why they're important, how they concern you, and why they're timeless.


Beowulf, Theseus, The Iliad, and The Aeneid

You are responsible for any and all work when you are absent.  As a senior and/or junior, you're expected to ask for your work when you're out.  No late work will be accepted unless you've spoken to me personally as to the reason(s) why.
If you need to contact me, my extension is 1365 and my email is gponas@cysd.k12.pa.us. 



We will start off the year with Horizons and Roots.  This unit is about our pasts and futures and how our present existence is influenced by both. The general idea is that we are who we are because of who were were and who we are determined to be. Some of what we may cover will be the following: analyze texts that deal with resolving conflicts, only to find new conflicts, analyze characterization in various texts, determine author's purpose through tone, allusion, allegory, and mood.  Along with these and others, we're also going to include terminology as it relates to the selections. For instance, allusion, allegory, characterization, drama/dramatic script, motif et al. A choice of assignments/projects will be issued to ensure understanding.

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