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Carbaugh, Ms. Mary

Welcome to English II & Honors English II

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English II Course Overview

Unit One:  Delving Into Culture

In this unit students gain an understanding of how culture is portrayed in literature and in life.  We will answer the question of what is culture and explore culture through our own lives and through the texts presented in class.  In doing this students will focus on basic reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills that will be required throughout the semester.  Students will read, participate in discussion, write a poem, and give a brief presentation on their personal culture.

Unit Two:  Investigating the Human Story

In this unit students will read a whole class novel.  Honors English II students will read Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquirel.  Students will explore magical realism and the narrative process while analyzing the literature techniques used in the novel.  Students will also investigate how literature helps us to understand the culture and traditions of others.  Along with the novel, students will also read short stories, poems, and non-fictional texts.  Students will be required to write a short story at the end of this unit and complete an analysis project on the novel.

Unit Three:  Exploring Perceptions

Students will select a novel to read with a small group of fellow classmates.  They will apply the knowledge learned in Unit Two as well as explore the culture where their novel takes place.  Students will participate in small group and whole class discussion and complete a portfolio that requires them to reflect on their discussion and reading.  Students will also read informative texts, learn additional writing skills, and ways to organize informative texts.  They will conduct research on a cultural element found in their novel and write a five paragraph informative essay.

Unit Four:  Addressing Human Rights

Students will learn persuasive techniques and speech skills in this unit.  They will read short texts to help gain an understanding of these skills.  At the end of the unit, students will research a human rights issue found in one of the cultures explored through the literature in class during the semester and propose a solution which they will present in a formal speech to the class.

Vocabulary and Grammar

Vocabulary skills such as learning to use and recognize context clues, synonym and antonym practice and application, and prefix and suffix understanding will be covered throughout the semester.  High school level grammar and punctuation will also be presented.  Students may expect a weekly quiz on either vocabulary or grammar.


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