AP Art History

TheAP Art History course should engage students at the same level as anintroductory college art history survey. Such a course involves criticalthinking and should develop an understanding and knowledge of diversehistorical and cultural contexts of architecture, sculpture, painting,and other media. It also provides an opportunity for schools tostrengthen an area neglected in most curricula. In the course, studentsexamine and critically analyze major forms of artistic expression fromthe past and the present from a variety of cultures. While visualanalysis is a fundamental tool of the art historian, art historyemphasizes understanding how and why works of art function in context,considering such issues as patronage, gender, and the functions andeffects of works of art. Many colleges and universities offer advancedplacement and/or credit to students who have performed successfully onthe AP Art History Exam.

Click the image for a linkto what I hope to be a useful website for aspiring learners. It iscurrently in the state of being developed, but there should be enoughcontent to keep one busy.
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• Mr. Walker's Art History Wiki
In addition, students will find a wealth of content pertaining to each of the units of study.

• Schoology page for AP Art History course

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