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Walker, Mr. Andrew


STUDIO RULES (All school rules apply as well)
1) Arrive on time and ready to work
2) Respect (your own work / others' work)
3) Stay "on-task", continually working
4) Act Appropriately (no "put-downs", inappropriate lang., etc.)

This is what I expect from you. What can you expect from me? You can expect that I will make every conceivable effort to ensure that you become a better artist by increasing your knowledge and skill base each and every day. Students are my primary concern.


1) Long hair and loose clothing must be restrained when using power equipment and cutting devices.
2) Power tools and cutting equipment may be used only in the presence of the teacher.
3) Safety glasses must be worn when operating machinery or using materials which can chip or fragment.
4) Dust masks must be worn while working with hazardous airborne materials. Aerosol spray fixatives should be used according to the manufacturers' recommendation.

When you enter the art room, there are curricular and behavioral expectations placed upon you that you must meet. Each day, I will keep a record of your work habits, according to a "check, check minus, check plus" system. A check signifies that you have attended the class, a check plus means that you have taken extra initiative, and a check minus is given if you were inappropriate or off task. Inappropriate studio conduct adversely affects your grade.

Special note: It is imperative that you take the necessary time to clean up after yourself. It is extremely difficult (and unsafe) to work in a messy art room! Not only should you clean up after your own mess, but take initiative to help your fellow classmates as well. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. *Note that you will have access to much of the studio; however, there are areas that you are prohibited from using. Please respect this.

Most major projects will be assigned a 'ballpark' deadline when introduced. The "Last Studio Day will be announced no less than 2 days prior to collection. For example, it is likely that I may announce on a Wednesday that Friday is the last class period to work on your current project and that on Tuesday of next week we will critique and collect the final pieces.If it is clear that you would need more class time to finish your project, you must do so - before / after school, academic prep, lunch, at your home. The class will proceed to the next activity and you will need to take measures to complete the unfinished work prior to the due date.

It is absolutely critical that you have your "finished" project completed prior to your entering the studio on the deadline date. It is not fair to other students that we give time to critique an unfinished project and, more importantly, I cannot and will not assess an unfinished project. It simply will not be considered. Late Policy: Grade is lowered one letter grade for each day late.

TYPES OF ASSESSMENT - studio classes
•Major Projects
(100 points each; note late policy)
•Homework assignments (average of 20 points each; no lates accepted)
•Sketchbooks (both quality and quantity will be examined)

•Journals (used for entries, responses, and general note-taking in and out of class)
•Digital Portfolio (developed throughout the semester)
•CLASS PARTICIPATION (respect, initiative, studio habits, engagement in material)


•Quizzes - used to reinforce vocabulary

•Research / Report(s)

Despite your personal dissatisfaction with any of your projects, you cannot dispose of it. Store your artwork in a safe location. At the end of the semester, you will be required to exhibit at least 5 pieces of work done throughout this year in an art show. Exhibiting work in this show is a course requirement, but can be very exciting and rewarding - a reflection of all the hard work done throughout the year.

In addition, you will be responsible for maintaining and submitting a Digital Portfolio of ALL work.

Every student is encouraged to talk with me concerning any problems they may be having with information being covered, projects, etc. I am available before and after school and will most certainly set aside time for anyone needing help or seeking to discuss something.

RUBRIC for grading projects

I am looking forward to an exciting, challenging, creative year filled with great experiences. Let's work together to make each other's year the best it can possibly be.

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