Understanding Depression

and Finding
Ways to Manage


did you know....

  • Major Depressive Disorder is the most frequently diagnosed mood disorder among adolescents.
  • Major Depressive Disorder has a prevalence rate of 15 to 20% for adolescents.
  • It is estimated that by the age of 19, 28% of adolescents will have experienced one or more episodes of depression.
  • The National Mental Health Association reports that 80% of those diagnosed with depression meet full recovery.

.In order for society to become more mentally healthy, we need to reduce the stigma associated with the mental illnesses with which many, many people (even successful people) suffer.

Depression is a widely misunderstood mental illness. To better understand, please consider checking out the resources below.

Mental Health America -http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/conditions/depression-teens

A Parent's Guide To Teen Depression - 

Dangers of self diagnosing

  • When searching the internet with the intent of self diagnosing a mental disorder, one may miss a medical disorder. Brain tumors often present in personality changes, psychosis, or depression. Anxiety may often be self diagnosed in place of a heart murmur.
  • Comorbidity may be looked over when self diagnosing. Approximately 2/3 of people who present anxiety also suffer from depression - a disorder that could easily be overlooked when self diagnosing one's most prominent symptoms.
  • Search engines and online sources are unreliable. 
  • Self diagnosing most often leads to self medicating. Using and abusing over the counter medicine or medications not prescribed to you in order to 'treat' your 'diagnosis' can be a gateway into drug abuse.
  • Mental disorders are complicated! The internet may diagnose a person with depression, but then when self medicating with depression medication, they may spiral into mania because their diagnosis is actually bipolar disorder. Professionals assess a patient from all angles in order to make the most informed, accurate diagnosis they can.
  • The internet often gives you the worse case diagnosis. Ever look up chest pain and all of the sudden you're having a heart attack? If you have a headache, the only viable solution is brain cancer. 
  • Self diagnosing can actually lead to anxiety! By trying to figure out if you have a mental disorder, you could actually develop a mental disorder.

Books Available in the cyhs library/hub:

  • “When Nothing Matters Anymore: a Survival Guide for Depressed Teens” by Bev Cobain - A guide to understanding and coping with depression, discussing the different types, how and why the condition begins, how it may be linked to substance abuse or suicide, and how to get help..
  • ”When Living Hurts: A What-to-do Book for Yourself or Someone You Care About Who Feels Discouraged, Sad, Lonely, Helpless, Angry or Frustrated, Unhappy, Bored, Depressed, Suicidal” by Sol Gordon - Presents a comprehensive guide for teens that addresses the warning signs of depression and suicide and suggests ways to cope with anxiety, anger, frustration, sadness, and loneliness.


If you saw the movie "Inside Out" (which we strongly recommend!), this video is one person's view of how failing to process our emotions can contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety: