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Performing Arts Hall of Fame

Central York Performing Arts Hall of Fame

The Central York Performing Arts Hall of Fame was established in 2023 to recognize and honor Central York High School alumni, teachers, directors, and supporters who have achieved a high level of excellence and accomplishment in music, theater, and/or film, during their high school career and/or after graduating from Central York.  Hall of Fame recognition helps maintain spirit, pride, and sense of community as well as provides an historical account of outstanding traditions of excellence in our music and theater programs.

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An exciting new way to recognize the accomplishments of Central York Alumni and their work in Performing Arts.


Nomination Criteria

Alumni Performer/Educator

  • Graduate of CYHS, or have left the district for a reason that is honorable and not detrimental to CYSD.
  • Graduated or left CYSD in the last ten years prior to nomination, unless deceased prior to ten years.
  • May have demonstrated distinguished achievement in CYSD's music and/or theater programs and/or further distinguished themselves in the field of music of theater after graduating or leaving CYSD.
  • Graduate of CYHS who has gone on to demonstrate excellence in arts education.

CYSD Faculty/Staff

  • Served as a teacher, conductor, director, or staff member for a music of theater program in CYSD for at least seven full school years/sessions and did not leave the program or the district for reasons that are dishonorable or detrimental to the image of the district.
  • Left CYSD at least seven years prior to nomination unless deceased prior to seven years.
  • Has demonstrated an unusually high degree of success relative to the music and/or theater program(s) for which they were a conductor, director, or staff member. Success in the programs is not measured by related awards/recognitions, but may be determined by the degree of respectability given the nominee or the program by others, evidence of significant growth in the program(s), and/or demonstrated high levels of excellence. 
  • Has demonstrated a high level of service to the music and/or theater programs of CYSD, helping to advance and maintain the integrity, reputation, and excellence of the district's music and/or theater programs. 

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