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Directions for Parchment

In early November, information and instructions are sent to all Central York High School Juniors. Included in this letter is a registration code that will be necessary to create a Parchment account. 

  1. Visit the Parchment website to begin the registration process. If you have a registration code, please click "I have a registration code" and complete the code field. 
  2. If you do not have your letter with your registration code, please click "I do not have a registration code" and proceed to enter all of your personal demographic information. 

  3. We STRONGLY encourage you to use a PERSONAL email address when setting up your account, as your email will not be active forever -- and you may need to request high school transcripts at various times throughout your adulthood! If you do not yet have a personal (professional) email address, please talk to your parents and create one soon. You will also need it for college admissions & other professional communications!

    Please also make a note somewhere of the password you use when you set up your account. Central York High School does NOT have access to your Parchment passwords!
  4. To streamline your process, we STRONGLY encourage you to say "No" to share your information with colleges that may be interested.

    Please understand that your transcript will still be sent to colleges when you order it, but this part is about searching for colleges that "match" you. 

    Saying "No" at this point will save you A LOT of time, as it will skip you over many questions that don't actually help you.

  5. Please note the questions on the next screen about FERPA Privacy Rights, storing a copy of your transcript on Parchment, and parent permission to use Parchment. See your counselor with any questions!

  6. There may be a few other questions that Parchment asks you to answer during the registration process, but these are the most confusing.

    Please note:  When Parchment asks for your GPA, there's no reason to worry about being accurate. Just estimate your GPA and move on. How you answer this question is NOT important to your college admissions.

    After you've created your account, you're ready to ORDER TRANSCRIPTS!!!