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College Admission Process

How to Find the College that Best Fits You

Finding the college that is best for you can be a long and cumbersome process.  
DON'T GET DISCOURAGED!  It is worth it to take your time and look at many schools so that you can discover what it is that you're really looking to find.  

cThere are many "right" ways to go about the process of looking for a college.  
This page merely lists some recommendations for the high school student and their family as they embark on this journey.

Here are a few steps that we recommend:

  • Attend college fairs and meet with admissions representatives who come to Central York. The admissions representatives from colleges are eager to tell you about their school, so ask what you want to know!  Please note: The people who you meet at these fairs and even in the guidance conference room at Central York are typically the same people who will read your application and may even be the one who makes the decision about whether you are accepted or denied admission! Make sure you make a good impression EVERY TIME you see an admissions representative!
  • Research colleges online. The websites below are filled with useful descriptions and statistics about THOUSANDS of colleges in the United States and beyond. Some of these websites also include rankings of "best" colleges for a variety of criteria. We encourage you to look beyond just those "top" colleges to determine which college is best for you. 
  • Visit several colleges.  Visiting a campus is truly the best way to know if the school is a place where you will feel comfortable living and learning!  Before you go, check out this information and also read this article. And here's one more article that could be helpful.
  • Think about what is right for you. Not sure which factors to consider? This article gives some good tips about where to start...
  • Trust your instincts.  If your "gut" is telling you that you'll be happiest at a school that no one else seems to be talking about, trust yourself! This is YOUR future and you need to find the college where you will be truly comfortable and can grow into the adult you're meant to be!