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Student Accounts

Each student in the music program has an Individual Account.  Profits from fundraisers are credited to your Individual Account. If you had a balance in your account from Middle School, that balance will be carried over to the high school.

You can view your account by looking at the Misc. Ledger in your Charms account

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Your Individual Account balance is easily used for music department trips and activities.  You can request a transfer directly in Charms in the Misc. Ledger to make a trip payment or indicate on your payment form to take the money from your account.

You can also use your account balance for private music lessons, instrument purchase, payment of dues and fees for outside groups such as Youth Symphony, Honors Choir, or Youth Music Abroad, summer music camps, accessories (reeds, sticks, mutes, tuner, etc.).  To use your account balance for any of these items you first need to purchase or make the payment and then submit the Request Form along with a paid receipt and the treasurer will send a check in the amount requested (provided the balance is available in your account).

Account Withdrawal Request Form