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New National English Honor Society Members.
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Congrats to our thirty-three Central York High School students who were recently inducted into the National English Honor Society! 

They join forty-three other CYHS students who share a passion for literature, writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Together, they hope to inspire our community to tap into and strengthen their English skills. 

New members include:

  • Abigail Godfrey
  • Aditi Banjara
  • Anna Gates
  • Arianna Smith
  • Avalyn Zerfing
  • Avery Coleman
  • Brooke Tesfaye
  • Campbell Kurilla
  • Coen Beamesderfer
  • David Fling
  • Emily Winemiller
  • Giovanni Silimperi
  • Inaya Refat
  • Isabella Boyce
  • Jacy Mummert
  • Jordan Haupt
  • Joshua Haupt
  • Kaeli Kachmar
  • Kaitlyn Caudill
  • Katelyn Jordan
  • Katherine Arnold
  • Katie Downs
  • Leo Biser
  • Mara Sparber
  • Matilda Wright
  • Megan Nace
  • Morgan Funk
  • Natalie Nolan
  • Shriva Trilok
  • Trevor Ketrick
  • Victoria Vankos
  • Victoria Wobber
  • Vivian Moser

The National English Honor Society is open to high school students and select faculty who have demonstrated exceptional ability in areas such as literary analysis, media studies, composition, linguistic study, and creative writing. These students must possess a grade point average of 3.0 or higher after completing at least two semesters of English classes. 

Your academic commitment and dedication make each and every one of us proud to be a Panther!


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