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CYHS Powerlifting Team Competes at PA Teenage Powerlifting Championships

On Saturday, February 25, the Central York High School Powerlifting Team competed at the 2023 PA Teenage Powerlifting Championships. Congratulations to the entire team for their hard work and dedication. In addition to the awards, several students also set personal lifting records during this competition.

Team Awards

CY Male team - 2nd place

Individual Awards

Female, 16-17 year old, 114lb weight class- 2nd place- Sarah Smith

Female, 16-17 year old, 152lb weight class- 3rd place- Joanna Ilko 

Female, 16-17 year old, 185lb weight class- 1st place- Lavetta Gray

Female, 16-17 year old, 185lb+ weight class- 2nd place- Sophie Rower, 3rd place- Sierra George

Female, 18-19 year old, 185lb+ weight class- 1st place- Jenna Stiffler, 3rd place Leila Wise

Male, 16-17 year old, 130lb weight class- 3rd place- Braydon Hsieh

Male, 16-17 year old, 264lb weight class- 2nd place- Levi Vargas

Male, 16-17 year old, 264lb+ weight class- 2nd place- Wilfredo Toro

Male, 18-19 year old, 116lb weight class- 1st place- Thomas Dipigula

Male, 18-19 year old, 205lb weight class- 3rd place- Wyatt Bricker  

Male, 18-19 year old, 231lb weight class- 3rd place- Elijah Inners


Their next meet will be held on March 18th at Columbia-Montour Vocational School In Bloomsburg. Congratulations, Panthers!