Grassel, Ms. Tonya

¡Bienvenidos a la Clase de Español
con la Sra. Grassel!


In order to find out what is happening in class, please check our class WEBSITE. Here, you can find out what we're currently studying, find useful links and check for upcoming events.

Current students can access all assignments given in class via their course's "Google Drive Handout Folder."   Absentees should check this folder to see what they have missed.


Grades are updated weekly and are always accessible in Home Logic.

In my Spanish classes, each marking period grade of the semester is determined by both written and oral grades. These grades are divided into three categories: Assessment, Homework, and Participation.

  • The Assessment grade is 75% of the total marking period grade. This includes tests, quizzes, presentations, projects, collected assignments and compositions.
  • The Homework grade is 13% of the total marking period grade and is determined by the completion rate of homework assignments.
  • The Participation grade is 12% of the total marking period grade and is calculated with the use of "Cards." Points for these cards are accumulated through daily class participation, preparedness, and assignments that are gone over in class.

Final semester grades are calculated according to the Central York High School Grading Policy.