Chemistry: Unit 2 Chemical Bonding Ionic

Unit 4: Chemical Bonding - Ionic *Important Dates:

Lab Chemical Activity of Metals: Due 

Information in Modern Chemistry Text
Types of Bonds pages 161-163
Ionic - pages 176-180

Be sure to check out the Useful Links for Unit 4 You Tube Tutorial and Quia links for review of naming and formula writing.

Youtube video on Ionic and covalent video

Chapter Vocab
Chemical Bond
Chemical formula
Covalent bond
Electron dot notation
Formula unit
Ionic bond
Ionic compound
Lewis structure
Molecular compound
Octet rule
Polyatomic ion
Anchors (objectives)
CHEM.B.1.3 Explain how atoms form chemical bonds.
*B.1.3.1 Explain how atoms combine to form compounds through ionic and covalent bonding.
*B.1.3.2 Classify a bond as being polar, covalent, non-polar covalent, or ionic.
*B.1.3.3 Use illustrations to predict the polarity of a molecule.
*A.1.1.5 Apply a set of rules (IUPAC) for naming compounds and writing chemical formulas.

CHEM B.1.4 Explain how models can be used to represent bonding.
*B.1.4.1 Recognized and describe different types of models that can be used to illustrated the bonds that hold atoms together in a compound.
*B.1.4.2 Utilize Lewis dot structures to predict the structure and bonding in simple compounds.