Chemistry: Unit 1 Atomic Structure


The information we will be studying in this chapter is on the following pages in the Modern Chemistry textbook:

Scientist - pages 65-72

Atomic Number, Mass Number, isotopes - pages 75- 80

Electron Configurations pages 105-107.

CHEM.A.2.1 Explain how the atomic theory serves as the bases for the study of matter
*A.2.1.1 Describe the evolution of atomic theory leading to the current model of the atom based on the works of Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, and Bohr,
*A.2.1.2 Differentiate between the mass number of and the average atomic mass of an element.
CHEM.A.2.2 Describe the behavior of electrons in atoms.
*A.2.2.1 Predict the ground state electronic configuration and/or orbital diagram for a given atom or ion.
*A.2.2.2 Predict characteristics of an atom or an ion.
*A.2.2.2 Predict characteristics of an atom or an ion based on its location on the periodic table.
*A.2.2.3 Explain the relationship between the electron configuration and the atomic structure of a given atom or ion.
*A.2.2.4 Relate the existence of quantized energy levels to atomic emission spectra.