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Anatomy and Physiology I

Anatomy and Physiology II



Welcome back to the 2015-16 school year! My name is Mrs. King and I am very excited to be teaching Honors Anatomy and Physiology I and II at Central York High School.  In addition to being a teacher in the district, I am also a proud Panther parent.  Teaching science is great pleasure for me because I get to combine my love for learning and science education with my passion for working with students.  I hope to bring my enthusiasm as well as a "hands-on" approach to learning into the classroom to make this a great experience.  Students need to be aware that this is a fast-paced course and due to the extensive and unfamiliar vocabulary, daily review of material is highly encouraged. 

students can access powerpoints and class materials via schoology, an online classroom management system.

Some of my other hobbies include being a martial arts enthusiast, (I currently hold multiple blackbelts), playing multiple instruments, reading, and attending my children's sporting events.  I look forward to working with you and am committed to your success.

Current Unit: Skeletal System


Skeletons and bones, often conjure up images of death however, our bones are very dynamic and very much alive.  Our bones also have the toughest composition of all natural materials in this world- even stronger than concrete pound for pound!  It's a good thing our skeletons are so strong to put up with all the stress and force that we apply to our bodies everyday.  In this unit we will learn the names of the 206 bones that make up our bodies and discover how important our skeleton is for support, movement, blood cell formation, and protection.

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