General Information and Procedures

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Panther Preschool General Information and Procedures

**Please consider:  The Panther Preschool schedule may change due to the high school schedule** 

REGISTRATION WILL OPEN ON FEB. 14th at 7:30AM for the 2018-2019 school year. APPLICATIONS and REGISTRATION Fees can be dropped off, emailed  or mailed to the High school
on or after FEB. 14, 2018. If you choose to email, your registration check should arrive by the end of that week.


Preschool time schedule is based on high school student course enrollment and high school schedule. 

2018-2019 Time Schedule (may vary per year)


Multi Age PROGRAM (3s/4s)  - Tuesdays/Thursdays          

4 YEAR OLD PROGRAM - Mondays/Wednesday/Fridays                                                   

If you have two children of different ages and you are interested in them being together. Please let us know prior to submitting an application.  We can not promise we can put them together, but we can try based on other applications. It will depend on the numbers of applications.

ThePreschool will follow the Central York School District calendar inregards to holidays and days off. You will receive a handout with thedates and themes on Orientation Day.

Please be prompt in bothdelivering and picking up your child. Scheduled times are very close tothe students' class dismissal bell.

M/W/F (3 day program) fees will be $250 per semester
T/Th (2 day program) fees will be $170 per semester

IF YOUR FAMILY QUALIFIES FOR THE FREE/REDUCE Lunch program, then fees will vary. PDF is included. Please complete the PDF and return with your application. The Lunch program forms are used to adjust tuition as needed per family. 

Parents can park in the bus loop to drop off and pick up their children. 

You will need to have Preschool Parent Identification pass the firstfew weeks until we can easily identify you. You will also need it if youare inside the high school building. We will pass these out atOrientation.

Pleasebe sure to sign your child both in and out each day. If you havearranged for someone other than yourself to pick up your child at theclose of preschool, please notify me of these special arrangements aswell as your child. Also, please write any changes on the "comment"column on the sign in sheet.

See documents attached for details.  The new rates will be $250.00 per semester. There will be a $30 registration fee at the time the application is submitted.  

Please bring a shoebox with an extra set of clothes to school toorientation. It will be kept here at school in case of spills,accidents, etc. The box as well as the clothes inside should be clearlylabeled with your child's name.

Children should be dressed in clothing that is washable and suitable foractive play activities. Your child should be able to identify his/herown clothing, such as hats, coats, etc., but please make sure that allremovable clothing such as sweaters and outerwear is marked with yourchild's name.

Backpacks are notrequired but, the children enjoy carrying them and it is easier totransport papers, projects, etc. Please help us by marking your child'sname on the inside of the bag.

Smocks are provided for painting and other messy activities.

The parents are asked to supply a nutritious snack several times throughout the year. 

Preschool will be cancelled in the event of a Central York Districtschool cancellation due to inclement weather. We will run on an adjustedschedule for a two-hour and one-hour delay. Please listen to 910 WSBAor watch WGAL Channel 8 for Central York delay or cancellation.

Preschool times may have to be altered slightly or days changed duringour "typical" preschool week due to unexpected changes here at the highschool. We will try to give you as much notice as possible.

One Hour Delay Schedule

Two Hour Delay Schedule

Because this is a child development lab school, different students willbe observing your child. A developmental checklist will be completed onyour child each semester. We will send a personal letter and thechecklist to you at the end of each semester. Please keep in mind thatmy students' observation skills and ability levels do vary.

Due to our busy schedule, we are asking parents to be prompt whenpicking up and dropping off your children. We will document any latedrop off or pick up and after three offenses you will be asked to leavethe program.

The children will be practicing good health habits every day by washinghands before snack and at bathroom time. Your child is expected to beable to use the toilet unassisted. A student teacher will stand outsidethe bathroom door and will assist if needed.

PLEASE do notsend your child to school if they are sick. Please notify me at least ½hour prior to preschool via the phone or email if your child will be outfor the day.

Should your child have a contagious disease suchas chicken pox, pink eye, etc. Please notify me as soon as possible sothat we may alert other parents.

Please do not send your child to preschool with money, chewing gum or any candy.

**Please consider:  The Panther Preschool schedule may change due to the high school schedule** 

  Panther Preschool Contact
  Mrs. Jennifer Wagner
  846-6789 Voice Mail: 1485