Lucia, Mr. Benjamin

All  current assignments can now be found on my Schoology Page.

Business Basics-
All current assignments can now be found on my Schoology Page

Welcome to Math Analysis and Discrete. The goal of this class to meet the needs of the college bound senior and to sharpen their skills for future courses. The class will spend half the semester discussing probability and statistics, and the other half on the stock market, finance and business applications with mathematics.. We will work in units and do classwork and quizzes in each unit.  This is a truly real world applicable course and essential to success in the post secondary world!
Business Basics
Welcome to Business Basics! We will discover the adventures of Business and its effects on our society.  We will learn about Supply and Demand, Starting a Business,  Finance, Economics, Investments and impacts on 1st , 2nd, and 3rd world countries.  Remember to bring your laptop daily as many activities will be on Schoology.