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What's at the "heart" of Romeo and Juliet?
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Course Descriptions

Learners Preparing for Success

This course will prompt learners to explore their interests and abilities, careers, jobs, and post-secondary education. Learners will focus on developing goals, a plan, as well as developing reading and writing technical skills to move them toward a successful future after high school. Among other activities, learners will create a Personal Learning Network to explore and connect with experts in their fields of interest, explore alternative forms of learning, analyze employment outlooks and income potentials, develop a resume and other forms of business communication, as well as improve financial literacy. Throughout the course learners will develop and improve communication, research, critical-thinking, problem-solving, soft, and technology skills.

English I & Honors English I

In ninth grade, learners will study literature through the lens of the Human Experience. English I serves as a foundation course to review previous Language Arts experiences and sets the expectation for high school English courses.There will be a heavy focus on the analysis and evaluation of all genres as they pertain to the Human Experience. Learners will also exhibit their knowledge and understanding of unit studies through expository and persuasive process writing. Both formative and summative assessments will be given throughout the semester, and the course will culminate with a final exam.

Absences & Make-up Work

After an absence, it is the learner's responsibility to check with Dr. Turner "the day they return from an absence about their make-up work. The policy for make-up work is as follows:

  • The learner has the number of days to submit missed work equivalent to his/her absence. For example: If a learner was absent on Monday, the work missed would be due on Wednesday, giving the learner 1 school day to submit assignments.

  • The maximum number of days a learner may have to submit missed work is 5 school days" (Central York High School Parent/Student Handbook).

Additionally, learners are able to check their missing assignment(s) online. Therefore, it is the learner's responsibility to see Dr. Turner about making arrangements to complete the missing work - before school, before and after class, and during Flex Office Hours.