Parido, Mrs. Tracy


​Course Description:  Students will learn about the ethical uses of technology through digital citizenship with an emphasis on proper copyright usage.   Students will become more competent in understanding, producing, and interpreting information.  Students will use technology devices to improve researching techniques, critical thinking, and problem solving.  Students will evaluate a variety of academic search engines and library databases to find quality, current resources.  Additionally, students will utilize a variety of technological tools and applications to collaborate, communicate, and organize information.  This course serves as the foundation of skills for all future courses at Central York High School. 



Units of Study:  Digital Citizenship, Originality and Artistry in Technology, Digital Communication, Research and Relating to Real World Issues, Digital Storytelling

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A total points system will be used to assign student grades which will acknowledge a successful progression through course units of study. Students will be evaluated based on evidence of benchmark steps as well as with rubrics for final projects.  Students will become familiar with the Collins Writing Program which utilizes five types of writing, ranging from brainstorming, quizzes, peer editing, and self-revision progressions.