Course Selection

Course Selection Procedure

Students select their courses each winter for the following year using the Central York High School Course Selection Guide. The Course Selection Guide includes descriptions of available courses and instructions on how to select courses for the upcoming school year.

Students are advised to read the course descriptions and discuss their selections with their teachers, parents/guardians and school guidance counselor. Students should consider their graduation requirements, career goals, abilities, interests and aptitudes while selecting courses.  Making a tentative four-year plan of study is usually helpful in planning course selection.


Students entering grades 9, 10, and 11 must schedule 8 credits per year. Students in grade 12 may select fewer than 8 credits if they follow the established procedure, which can be explained in person by their counselor.

Students must complete a course selection sheet AND grades 9-11 students must also choose their courses online. Students should read the instructions for course selection (found on the course selection sheet) VERY CAREFULLY.  The deadline to choose courses for the 2018-19 school year is Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

When students receive their tentative schedules, they should review their schedule for appropriate course sequencing, course prerequisite completion and balance of academic courses. Ideally, there should be two academic courses in the first semester and two academic courses in the second semester.  Any concerns that the student has should be brought to the attention of their school guidance counselor immediately.

imageAny changes to the original schedule must be requested prior to the established deadline.  Withdrawal from courses after the deadline will be limited to medical reasons or the specific recommendation of the teacher and counselor with the approval of the principal.

Students who fail required courses are encouraged to make up these courses in summer school or through credit recovery during the school year. Specific information concerning the credit recovery and summer school offerings may be obtained from the Counseling Office.

Course Selection Guide 2018-19 .pdf